We have an experienced team and an infrastructure built to allow us to manage many projects simultaneously. Most of our clients are pleasantly surprised to learn that it takes just a few weeks to custom design most homes. They’re even more surprised to find out that a custom home doesn’t have to cost 5-7% of the home price. And, because we specialize in residential design, we have the inside track on the hottest design styles that are popular across the country.

We have designed custom homes as small as 1,200 square feet and as large as 15,000, and no home is too large or complicated for us to tackle. Please take a look at some past designs we have completed below.


How much do you charge for a custom home design?
All custom jobs are bid at current hourly rates or by sq. ft. and in many cases, clients are pleased that their homes cost substantially less than they had anticipated.

How long does it take to complete a custom design?
Because each job is custom, they all take different amounts of time. Typically, once we have received your signed contract approving the bid, you will receive a preliminary design within a week or two. Once you have approved the preliminary design, we will give you an estimate on the time needed to complete the working drawings, because the larger the home, the more time we will need.

Do you do site consultations?
We would be more than happy to meet with you to visit your site, and depending on your location, we will put together an estimate on what it would cost for us to meet you. Pricing will include flight and/or car mileage, rental car, hotel accomodations, if necessary, and meeting time.

How do we get started?
We will meet with you either in person, or via fax, phone or e-mail to go over all details such as size, style, site issues, costs, and all details that are important to the design of your home. We will then prepare an estimate to complete your design. Once you have signed and returned the estimate, we will begin your project.